Mobile working machines

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Performance for high-performance machines

Maximum performance at the maximum energy efficiency, high standards of safety and low emissions – the demands on the performance of mobile working machines have grown enormously. Only through the precise control of operating and auxiliary processes through to automation and energy management control via the instantaneous energy demand can these requirements be fulfilled. The prerequisite for this is always the use of high-performance measurement technology.

WIKA offers a portfolio of high-performance measurement products which are tailored to the measuring tasks in mobile working machines. Their measuring ranges, accuracy, operating temperatures and overpressure safety are dimensioned for this application segment, they fulfil the segment-specific interface standards and in addition they also feature the required compactness.

Robustness for extreme conditions

Shock and vibration, dust and mud, dryness and humidity, heat and cold and a fluctuating electromagnetic environment – in operation, mobile working machines are subjected to extreme and varying conditions. Nevertheless, mobile working machines should feature stable performance.

WIKA meets the harsh operating conditions of mobile working machines with exceptionally robust products which unite the know-how of measurement technology, high-quality materials and the most up-to-date manufacturing processes with a robust design. Thus they feature high resistance against shock, vibration and temperature fluctuations, high IP ingress protection and also exceptional EMC characteristics.

High reliability for high availability

Low downtimes – maximum availability is one of the most important demands on mobile working machines. However, this is determined by the operational availability of the components which – related to their particular task – are functionally relevant or – related to the operating state of the machine – are even safety-relevant. Therefore the highest demands are placed on the reliability of such components. WIKA continuously aligns all business processes towards delivered quality. Correspondingly, the WIKA production system consistently follows the lean philosophy and continuous improvement through Kaizen and Six Sigma. As a result of the high level of in-house manufacture, WIKA keeps the decisive production steps in hand. In the process, extensive testing is a constant element of the production process. This gives WIKA products the reliability they are known for.

Application examples

  • Construction machines: Loader, excavator, dozer, dump truck, road roller, ...
  • Agricultural machines: Tractor, combine harvester, forage harvester, field sprayer, ...
  • Forestry machines: Harvester, forwarder, forest vehicle, loader, ...
  • Material handling: Mobile crane, commercial vehicle loading crane, forklift, reach stacker, ...
  • Municipal vehicles: Winter service vehicle, road cleaner, refuse collection vehicle, ...
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Mobile working machines